Anisotropic Conductive Film ACF/TAB Bonding Machines

ACF/TAB Bonding machine is a system that ACF bonds two substrates (LCD, PCB, Flex, COF, IC Chip, FPC etc) using appropriate temperature, pressure and time

Anisotropic Conductive Film Bonding Machines & TAB Bonding Machines

Constant Heat Systems & Pulse Heat Systems

Vision Alignment System

Manual or Motorized stage/platform

ACF Bonding Applications: COB, COF, COG, COP, FOB, FOG,

TFT/LCD TV Repair Bonder 3T750/3T760

Function: ACF Bonding for TAB on to LCD and PCB

Programmable Carrier Table movement for productive assembly work

Caters to repairs of LCD up to 70 inches

ACF Heat Bonder 3T980 with Rotary Table

For product max 120mm x 120mm

Rotary Table for Productivity

Suitable for Production use

Constant Heat ACF Bonder (Table-Top) - 3T830

Function: Thermocompression bonding, Heat forming, ACF Bonding

For Product size max : 200mm x 150mm

Manual Stage

Vision Cameras up to 2 sets

Dual Head Constant Heat Bonding Machine 3T850

ACF Bonding to attach TAB/FPC to LCD/PCB

For LCD module max 5"

For LCD module line pitch above 0.18mm

Heating method : constant heating

ACF Pre-bond Machine 3T710

To automatically peel and cut 1 or 2 layers ACF tape, and then attach to LCD, PCB, FPC, or TAB etc.

Heating method : constant heating

Max. length of bonding objects : Length 10 to 120 mm/ width 10 to 120mm

Accuracy : +/- 0.1mm

Temperature range : Room temp to 300degC