Pressure Measurement by Fujifilm PRESCALE

For Visual verification of pressure distribution and uniformity

When testing, Red Marks appeared on the film where pressure is applied

The color density directly corresponds to the different pressure levels

Fujifilm ND-Filter
  • Prescale
  • Prescale Sheet Type
  • Pressure Distribution Mapping System FPD-8010E

Fujifilm Prescale - Visual verification of pressure distribution and uniformity


Distribution & Uniformity of contact pressure can be visualized and recorded

Low cost without using special instrument

Quick and Easy measurement

Results are easily checked visually

Extremely thin and stable films

Easily customizable

Highly accurate

Prescale Types

Applications of Fujifilm Prescale

Automobile : Adjustment of pressure distribution and balance for various automobile parts - cylindrical head gasket, Engine, Brake, Clutch, Tire, Carburetor, Gasket and Packing, Molding, Oil Pan, Transmission etc.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) : Adjustment of Pressure distritubion of Polarizer sticking.

Semiconductor : Adjustment of lamination roll pressure distribution for back grinding tape and dicing ; Adjustment of polishing pressure distribution in semiconductor CMP processes

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) : Adjustment of Squeeze pressure distribution of solder cream against printed circuit boards ; Adjustment of dry film resist (DFR) lamination pressure distribution for multilayer PCB